Why Cardio is better than typical abdominal exercises for getting abs

due to Lockdown, many people have an abundance of time to take up something new. Something that will benefit you when we can finally leave our houses and socialise with someone other than our xbox remotes. Many people have decided that they are going to get fit during lockdown, and come out looking like the gyms had never closed. unfortunately, your ambitions are likely to be hindered by the fact that you have little or no knowledge of what exercises to do to get where u want to be fitness wise, or you are just unaware of how Cardio is the way to go.

Typically, when you think about getting abs, you associate hours and hours working out, sit-ups until you can no longer stand up and many other myths that come with the false knowledge you are presented with on the topic of getting abs. In this article i am going to prove that Cardio will not only get you to where you want to be more quickly, but it will be much more enjoyable than your typical ab exercises.

Now before I get hate from all of you who did achieve abs using traditional abdominal exercises, I am not saying that this is a completely invalid method for getting abs, but we can agree that it was long, strenuous for you to do so. And after reading this article, your opinion is likely to be changed.

Your abs are basically covered by fat, and studies show that core exercises such as sit-ups, crunches and planks only tone your abs, they don’t reduce belly fat and burn little calories. If you really want your abs to become visible, then Cardio is the way to go. The internet backs me here, as there are many studies that show that cardio not only increases your aerobic strength, but is the best way to burn fat.

This is because due to the fact that cardio is such an effective method of burning calories, if you eat somewhat healthy or even just eat 3 meals instead of four then you will burn more calories than you intake on a constant basis, which unlike just not eating, makes you lose belly fat at a ridiculous rate meaning that if you stick to your plan you will start seeing changes within a week, or even less!

To conclude, there is factual evidence to prove that cardio is much better than traditional abdominal exercises for getting abs. stick to a plan for a week or two and you will see the changes in a short time frame. i would recommend 3k 4 times a week for beginners along with a healthy diet, which you can make harder or easier depending on how much fitter you have gotten over time

Thanks for reading, first article so I hope at least a few people see this,

Alex Swinbank



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